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Application Functional and Performance Validation Services

Functional(QA) and application performance validation services utilizing on-site and/or remote(onshore and offshore) teams. Leveraging offshore resources provides 24X7 coverage and assists in prompt delivery of critical validation services.

Testing Service

Savvy offers a complete and comprehensive range of testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing. Savvys’s approach to software testing is based on best testing practices deployed in the product development life cycle.

Partnering with Savvy enables you to

  • Increase efficiency in production and implementation
  • Significantly minimize defects
  • Dramatically improve software quality and
  • Radically decrease costs across the entire project life cycle

Our areas of Expertise includes

  • Requirements Capture and Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test case Design & Traceability Matrix
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking and Management
  • Reporting
  • Test Metrics
  • Test Stability Analysis coverage

Technology Expertise

  • .NET
  • J2EE
  • Open Source

A complete test service catalog for all your SDLC needs

The scope of our testing offerings spans from strategic to tactical. Our specific services include:

  • Testing Strategy & Assessment: Assists clients with end-to-end testing and quality assessment process, from planning through final recommendations.
  • Testing Automation: A robust set of tools and assets to consistently support the entire spectrum of automation-related testing activities.
  • Performance Testing: A wide range of strategic and tactical performance test services.
  • Testing Center of Excellence: We implement and operate a “Testing Center of Excellence” for clients, either at the enterprise level or within specific business units.

Test Automation

In today’s business environment rapidly changing requirements challenges the testing process. Savvy recognized the area that our client wants their product to be automated by selecting the appropriate tool. We make effort in selecting the right tool which results in reducing the testing schedule and costs.

We have in-depth experience of creating complete test automation strategy and its execution. We develop test automation using standard tools, frameworks and scripts. Our Test Automation Team has sound exposure in widely used tools like win runner, Load runner, QTP, Silk Test, Astra Quick Test and Rational Robot.

Performance Testing

Predicting performance capability of online solutions is essential to succeed in this competitive market. Savvy has rich experience in performance engineering tools from vendors like Mercury, Rational, Segue, Open Source Tools (Open STA), etc. We focus on analysis, monitoring, identifying bottle necks and proving recommendations, thus providing an end-to-end performance solution for the complete application.

Savvy offers the following performance testing services to manage your risk with developing or deploying business critical systems. The team will help in determining the scope, complexity and size of the load, and the test architecture used for test execution.

In Load test, we measure server response times to verify if the application can sustain expected maximum number of concurrent users and expected maximum size of the database.

In Stress test, we measure server response times at varying loads starting from low load (low number of concurrent users), medium load (average number of concurrent users) through high load (expected maximum number of concurrent users through highest possible number of concurrent users until unacceptable levels of response times are experienced) to validate application’s stability and validity. Response times are also measured while varying the size of the databases in similar manner.